Fifty Shades of (insert own pun here)

I did it. I read the whole Fifty Shades trilogy. And I have to say, I thought the books were kind of disturbing. Not because of the BDSM going on—to each his own, as long as it’s consensual and I don’t have to do it. What disturbed me was that Christian threw up all the red flags when it comes to abusive behavior. He was jealous, controlling, wanting a premature commitment, you name it, he did it. And every time Ana stood up for herself, she later felt guilty about it and resolved to “try harder” to not set off his triggers. That really annoyed me after a while. Leaving an abusive relationship is hard enough without books like these (I’m looking at you, Twilight!) muddying the waters.

But I don’t know what was worse, the borderline abusive behavior or the fact that every time Ana and Christian had sex, it was mind-blowing. Every time, even though they did it four or five times a day, about seven days a week. There are only so many mind-blowing orgasms I can read about before it gets boring. In fact, I skipped reading the sex scenes after the first book. The only reason I kept reading was because I’d read somewhere that Ana leaves Christian in the third book and I wanted to see her come to her senses. Unfortunately, (spoiler alert) it didn’t happen. And even though Christian turned into a nice enough character at the end, I still didn’t trust him.

No, I did not buy the box set. I read them on my Kindle.

I do, however, commend his taste in music. The Thomas Tallis CD he uses on Ana? I have that, and I play it often. But not in a Red Room of Pain. I am not in the market for one of those.


7 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of (insert own pun here)

  1. Elske says:

    I read them myself this weekend. I haven’t decided what’s more troubling: the fact that they portray bdsm as something that you like because you’re severely messed-up, the fact that they portray sex as something that you are always interested in, is always mindblowing and is traumatising to ever have to say ‘please stop’, or the whole ‘if you love him and are understanding enough, abusive behavior can stop and he will ‘get better’.’ As one of my favorite Dan Savage quotes says: ‘love is great, love is grand, but love ain’t chemotherapy’.
    Nonetheless, I finished them in a weekend (perhaps due to skipping the sexscenes), I’ve always been a sucker for poor chichlit. Plus, it turns into poor chicklit meets abominably bad mystery in book 3.
    So yeah, fun books. But the other thing that angers me is that selexys puts this series #3 on their literature list!

  2. heidikins says:

    I just cannot stand poor writing, regardless of how “great” the story is or how “awesome” the characters, if you’re a crappy writer I won’t finish the page. The End.

    (Also? Thank you for the review, one more arrow in my “I don’t read crap!” quiver.)


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