See Gran Run*

I’ve discovered a new game on the iPad. It was sorely needed now that I’ve conquered all the free levels the various Angry Birds games have to offer. (I refuse to pay money for games, preferring, instead, to spend it on a New York Times crossword app subscription.) It’s called Angry Gran Run and it revolves around an angry gran (obviously) that busts out of a mental institution and runs through the streets, dodging doctors, road work, big flopping fish and even dinosaurs.

See? Dinosaurs.

It’s easy and fun and you can even “buy” Gran costumes with the coins you collect. Currently, my Gran is wearing a superhero costume. I like to think of her of a cross between Wonder Woman and the Flash. (And yes, my knowledge of comic books comes mostly from The Big Bang Theory. I’ve never been that kind of nerd.)

The app store tells me there are at least three versions, so I’m off to download them. You can’t get too much of a good thing, right?

* My other title was Run, Gran, Run! I’m not sure which is worse.


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