Sunday morning

On Sunday, I was planning to visit an international church in Bochum, but then found out they were doing a Christmas pageant during the service in which the audience was encouraged to participate. The idea of not being able to sit in the back and observe kind of horrified an introvert like me, for whom walking up to the front to get communion is about the limit for a first visit. So I went to a nearby Catholic mass instead.

It was a nice enough service, but I don’t think I’ll be back. Although I love the sense of tradition inherent to the Catholic Church, the mass kept playing havoc with my Protestant sensibilities. However, the upside was that I got to light a candle, always a nice touch, and that it’s so close to my apartment that I managed to avoid getting drenched by the sudden downpour after the service, mostly because I was already home five minutes after the mass ended. So, you know, that’s good.


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. Jo says:

    Is there reason why you attend several different churches? I find it interesting. We are looking for a church that is alive. God is alive and I can’t bare to sit in a service that is the same over and over again and is essentially dead. I respect my Catholic friends but for me this rules out all Catholic churches. Going to church should make you excited, it shouldn’t be a chore.

    • Saskia says:

      Well, in the Netherlands I was Reformed, in the States I was Episcopalian, those are the traditions I know and love. Church cultures don’t always mean the same thing once you cross national boundaries, so I’m trying to find a church here in which I feel at home. That entails some shopping around 🙂 but I hope to be done with that soon!

      I wouldn’t say Catholic churches are dead. There is a beauty and power in rituals performed together and I for one feel the Holy Ghost there more than I do in, for example, evangelical churches. Anglican churches (with rituals very close to the Catholic church) speak to my soul in a way contemporary worship services don’t. I think worship–and what you consider an accurate representation of God’s aliveness, so to speak–depend a lot on who you are and how you’re used to worship. Participating in the common rituals of communion and prayer the same way every week make me much more excited than going to a service with a worship leader. But that probably has a lot to do with my introverted personality and just my general likes and dislikes.

      I don’t feel at home in Catholic churches because I don’t know the rituals. I’m sure that if I got to know them like I know the Episcopalian/Anglican ones I’d love them. But I hesitate to become Catholic because I do not do well in hierarchical environments and the gender inequality in the Catholic church is a major problem for me..sorry for the long response to your comment!

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