the Nutcracker

Today the Google Doodle is in honor of the Nutcracker ballet’s 120th anniversary:

120th_anniversary_of_the_nutcracker_ballet-992006-hpI love the Nutcracker. My family used to go see it every year in San Francisco, and it’s as much a part of Christmas as putting up the tree and singing carols while doing the dishes.

Tell me, what’s your favorite part of Christmas?


4 thoughts on “the Nutcracker

  1. heidikins says:

    I went to see the Nutcracker last weekend and, honest to goodness, the Mouse King threw in a little Gangam style. It was hilarious.

    My favorite thing about Christmas is listening to my neighbor sing Stille Nacht, he has this beautiful baritone voice and when I was very small I thought he was Captain Von Trapp. The German words of Silent Night are Christmas to me, always have been, always will be. I don’t go to his home anymore to hear him sing, but I have a few recordings of Stille Nacht that I play on Christmas Eve (and any other time I need a Christmas pick-me-up).


    • Saskia says:

      That is amazing, the gangam style thing. I’ll have to keep an eye on “our” Mouse King to see if he follows suit.

      I like how the German Silent Night is Christmas to you. The German does make it sound extra Christmassy, somehow.

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