oh christmas tree

E. and I flew into San Francisco on Thursday, and I pretty much don’t even remember eating dinner, that’s how tired I was. So after a long night’s sleep, we started off Friday with a latte and a crossword (of course) at Brewed Awakening, one of our favorite coffee places here in Berkeley. Then commenced the Buying of The Christmas Tree, which mostly turned into the Driving To A Plethora Of Stores To Buy Lights and Ornaments, And Then To The Target and Home Depot Two Towns Over Because Everything Is Sold Out Everywhere. And then we discovered that the CVS near our house was actually well stocked with everything we needed, and we could have avoided all the drama involved in fighting through the throngs of people and cars. But we got our tree, that’s what matters. And because what makes the tree special is the ornaments, here are my favorites:

Ribbet collage2I bought the colander ornament at Sur la Table in San Francisco, because I love cooking and colanders are cool. The middle ornament comes from the White House gift shop in DC, and the ornament on the right is meant to be a Buckingham Palace guard from my visit to York to see E. It was more recognizable before I dropped it and severed its head from its body.

Ribbet collage1Peets (and/or coffee) is a big part of our lives here, as you can tell by these ornaments (one for each of the last three years). If we keep this up, we can one day do an entire tree dedicated to coffee. I would like that.


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