Christmas, in pictures

Ribbet collageThe new ornaments we bought on the afternoon of Christmas Eve: from left to right, my dad’s, my sister’s (it’s a narwhal, if you’re wondering, isn’t that cool?), mine, and the Cal hoodie my dad let me buy because you cannot show too much love to Berkeley in this family.

DSCN3467I forgot to show you this one earlier. I bought it in Houston in June, when my friend T. and I visited the Johnson Space Center. My dad (the astrophysicist) had a good laugh over it.


Christmas dinner. The pumpkin pie isn’t pictured, but you better believe I was looking forward to that.


The dinosaur was there, too, of course, with his own little Santa hat.


And a trip to the Nutcracker on the 26th, just to round things off. That was magical, as always.

It was a pretty good Christmas, as I’m sure you can see.


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