Sunday night

Sunday was Football Day. My dad is quite the football fan, so he’s spent the last week or so watching every bowl imaginable–from the Rose Bowl to the Beef O’Brady Bowl to the Chick-fil-A Bowl. (Right now, he’s watching the Sugar Bowl.) Accordingly, we spent Sunday night at a sports bar here in Berkeley.

Now, I am not a football fan. I can talk baseball with the best of them, but football? Not my thing. So I was very glad to see this:


Yes, that is a chair and bookcase combined. Pretty awesome, I thought. I also took it to mean no one would bat an eye if I read my book while my dad and sister watched the game. (I’m in the middle of the Game of Thrones series (exciting!) so I spend a lot of time carting my book everywhere in case I can read another page or so.) I don’t even remember who played, but I spent a highly enjoyable evening with my family and my book. And sliders. It turns out I might not like football, but I sure like football food.



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