links and stuff (a lot of Pinterest)

–Pinterest boards like this one, titled “beard porn”, make me slightly uncomfortable. Yes, beards are hot. But then I remember that my dad has a beard, I think about that for a minute, and my head wants to explode.

–This Mistletoe Prank video made me laugh. Nicely done, BYU students. (I know Christmas is so last year. But still.)

–remember how I was so enthusiastic about making my own bread? Well, I tried to adapt the peasant bread recipe to include whole wheat flour, and I’m pretty sure I got the ratio wrong, because what emerged from my oven was…not bread. Luckily I still had some bread mix in my baking drawer (the kind where you just add water) so I didn’t have to go hungry. Back to the drawing board on that one.

–I love being a nerd.

–It’s kind of insane that you have people that print out something like this instead of just grabbing a piece of paper. It works just as well, people. Pinterest should come with a dose of common sense.

–And less THINSPIRATION boards. (Gah, they annoy me.) Especially when they contain pins like these:
PunishmentBecause it apparently doesn’t count as exercise unless you’re feeling superior. Original here.


2 thoughts on “links and stuff (a lot of Pinterest)

  1. Jo says:

    I hate thinspiration boards. In fact the minute I see them pop up in my feed I will unfollow that person. I don’t care who it is!

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