in which I clearly need to get a life.

–Someone stumbled onto my blog after searching for “eat sleep love study train”. Given the amount of times I talk about train travel, I can see how that happens.

–I had major jet lag after I came back from California, mostly due to that one extended nap I took on the day of arrival. I never really partied as a teenager or undergrad, so I was totally unprepared for the week of staying up till 2 AM and sleeping till 11:30 that followed. I’m back to a semi-normal sleep pattern now, thankfully.

–You can totally tell it’s the new year by my basket at the grocery store. I went from a size 16 to a 12 last year, but I’d like to get down to a 10, and that involves a lot of fruit, apparently. Especially since my New Year’s resolution of frequent running is thwarted by the snow we’re having right now. Oh well, at least I’ve got the healthy eating part of the equation down.

–My sister sent me this link, about the physics behind literature. Awesome.

–I finally watched the Christmas special of Downton Abbey and just sat there, thinking, “Holy Moses, what just happened?”. There I was, remembering season’s two finale, which was so romantic I almost cried, and then THAT happened. I had to watch last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory to cheer me up again.

–I’m reading Rachel Held Evan’s A Year of Biblical Womanhood right now, and am loving it. Expect a review forthwith.

–Speaking of reviews: I was planning to recap all the books I read in 2012, but didn’t manage to do them all before January 1, 2013. So expect that to happen before 2014, hopefully.

–I did not have a very exciting week, judging by this list.


3 thoughts on “in which I clearly need to get a life.

  1. eswis says:

    Hoi Saskia, nog steeds een trouwe lezer van je blog. Wilde je even laten weten dat ik er elke keer weer van geniet van hoe je alledaagse dingen zo mooi kan verwoorden! Groetjes, Esther

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