going the distance*

On Sunday, my dad drove to Dortmund to come bring me an armchair. He’d bought two of them from his old landlords, but only needed one, so I quickly asked for the other. (It’s this one, and although it’s slightly too large for my apartment, it’s exactly the right size to curl up in so I love it.)

My dad is flying to the US on Thursday (for the Superbowl, I mean, work purposes) and jokingly suggested I go along, since I don’t have to teach or do anything else that requires my physical presence in Dortmund. I didn’t take him seriously at first (I only got back to Germany on January 7, after all), but a couple hours later, after a lot of agonizing, I decided to be spontaneous. So this Thursday, I am flying to Frankfurt and then on to San Francisco, to return on Valentine’s Day (that seems as good a day as any to spend on a plane).

Thank you, frequent flyer miles. Also, my assigned seating right now is in Economy Plus. I’m too short to actually need Economy Plus, but I am definitely going to enjoy that.

*no, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I declared it to be my motto for this year. But hey, whatever works.


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