record of a trip so far

–a visit to the de Young Museum in San Francisco for their The Girl With the Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis exhibition. I’ve never actually been to the Mauritshuis in the Hague, I don’t think, so it was fun to catch them here, even if it was a little odd the Vermeer was treated like the Mona Lisa (hanging alone, under glass, specially lighted and with a guard to stand over it) while the Rembrandts were just around the corner, receiving no special treatment. But it was a great exhibition with a lot of etches and sketches as well.

The Wild Bride at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. It was very spectacular and very artistic (a little too much in the first half, I caught myself wondering if this was a performance for me) but the second half made up for it. It tells the story of a girl whose father accidentally sells her to the devil, and who then finds a prince but has to see him go off to war. Will she get a happy ever after and what will it look like?

–the Superbowl (the whole reason for this trip, remember?). We went to the house of family friends to watch it, and it was looking pretty dismal until the power went out halfway through. Then the 49ers managed to come back pretty well, but unfortunately not quite good enough, as they lost by two points. But it was a pretty exciting last half, all the same. (Dad made sure not to read any newspapers on Monday in order to not prolong his pain at them losing.) I have to say, this football thing is growing on me. Who knows, next year I might even be yelling at the tv like the rest of them.

–afternoons spent working at a coffee shop (I am being really productive this trip. It’s a nice change from my usual procrastinating slothiness, which is good since I have eight deadlines to meet in the coming months).

–the Motherf**cker With the Hat at the San Francisco Playhouse. It was a very tragic play, with a lot of expletives. We had to listen to something cheerful on the way home to buoy our spirits.

Princess Ida at the Livermore Bankhead Theater. I loved it.

–Sacrament meeting, Primary, and Relief Society at a Palo Alto ward with Becca, who was nice enough to be my host for the morning.

–and of course, a bookstore every other day or so. I picked up Lazarus Is Dead yesterday. It seemed like an appropriate after-church purchase.

You will have noticed I did not post any pictures. That’s because the last time we were here, we went out to dinner, I took a picture of my plate and promptly forgot the camera. We bought a new one yesterday but I’m staying away from it for the time being, just in case.


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