Pinterest Challenge

Janssen, Merrick and Landen do something they call “Sisters Share it All” every other week, in which they all post about the same subject. This time, they’re doing a Pinterest challenge and inviting us to participate. So here it is: six things I want to accomplish in six weeks.

I tried really hard not to make it all about food (let’s face it: I use Pinterest to collect recipes I want to try, ogle at weddings I’d never want to host but that are pretty anyway, and geek out about my favorite shows).


1. Peanut butter nutella thumbprint cookies. I love cookies like these but haven’t made them in so long I’d quite forgotten I liked them.

2. Pea and Goat Cheese Tart. My mom makes a lot of quiches and tarts, but I seldom do. This seems like a good start.

3. Thai Turkey Meatballs. Thai food and meatballs? What’s not to like?

4. Some kind of five-year journal. I journal when the spirit strikes me, but jot notes to myself on my day all the time. I look forward to collecting them in one place.

5. Barre workouts make me feel graceful and strong at the same time (and unlike dance workouts, you don’t need a sense of rhythm). Ideally, I’d do this one at least once a week for six weeks, but we’ll see what happens.

6. How to fold a fitted sheet. I am neurotic and chaotic at the same time–not always a good combination. Learning how to properly fold fitted sheets can be a first step in my quest for an organized life. (Perhaps the only step, but whatever.)


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