playing catch-up

It’s been a while. In the past weeks, I:

– spent a weekend with two good friends from college. We instantly revert to our silly 20-year-old selves, with a little bit of grown up discussion about goals and plans and love thrown in every once in a while. So good.

– visited my mom for six days, including two days spent with my mom’s side of the family. One day was to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, the next for my grandma’s birthday. (I won’t disclose my aunt’s age, but my grandma turned 87. She is one tough lady.)

– went home for a couple days and sent off application one (out of seven applications for various grants and scholarships), then started to work on the second. Fingers crossed that I’ll secure funding for next year.

– went to stay with my dad in the days leading up to my birthday. I had dinner with a friend on Thursday, turned 26 on Friday, and had my family over for dinner on Saturday. My dad treated me to a really good concert on Sunday (Bach, Mozart and Handel) and then a relatively quick visit to the American Book Center on the way back (I got Game of Thrones no. 5). It was a really good and unassuming weekend.

– went back to Dortmund this past Monday and started the intensive German course the department offers to incoming international students. It’s three hours a day, four weeks long, and it’s already killing me. We’re not allowed to speak English in class which effectively limits how much I can participate, which is weird for an overachieving hand-raiser like me.


3 thoughts on “playing catch-up

  1. David N. Jansen says:

    Your grandma’s age reminded me that from some age on, people turn proud of their age again. My own grandmother even said “I am starting my 91st year of life”, so she could already say “91” instead of “90”…

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