Last weekend, two good friends came to Dortmund. They were originally going to come earlier, until I suddenly decided to go to California and made them reschedule. I’m reliable that way.


M., M. and me.

I love it when friends come to visit me: I get to stay home (no trains!) and still get to see people. It was a bit odd, linguistically, because I rarely speak Dutch while wandering the streets of Dortmund, and one of the M.’s had to keep finishing my sentences because I wouldn’t know the word. Luckily she’s used to doing that and has developed a kind of sixth sense of which words I like to use.

We walked all through the Westfalenpark on Friday and shopped a bit on Saturday, with coffee and cake being the highlight of that rainy day. (I clearly take my refreshments seriously.) We had found a Konditerei for lunch but the menu turned out to be a little too German for us, so we moved to the bakery next door instead, where we took the table next to the senior citizens (walkers included). M. and M. had requested American food for dinner that night, so I made them mac and cheese (recipe by Smitten Kitchen, in lieu of Kraft). On Sunday, after a leisurely brunch*, they left for home and I settled down with my German homework. That was a bit of a letdown, I have to say, but at least I still had the leftover mac and cheese to console me.


And yes, M. and I are wearing exactly the same cardigans. They were too good to pass up on at 7 euros. Too bad we didn’t pressure the other M. into buying one too. We did, however, threaten to show up at her (fall) wedding in matching outfits. We’re obviously very compassionate friends.

*So leisurely that I didn’t even get dressed until M. declared we needed to take pictures. Even then, I eschewed my jeans for my yoga pants and instructed her to make sure the picture would only feature my top half. Apparently, I’ll go to considerable lengths to make sure I can be comfortable and lazy yet appear somewhat put-together..


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