oh, the Germanity

Today was the last day of the intensive German class. It’s been a crazy month for me, so far, with five applications due, daily German class, and a host of other things besides. As much as I kind of needed those mornings for other things, I think it was worth it. I definitely learned a lot–the Starbucks people don’t even automatically switch to English when I order anymore. That seems an adequate measure of my skills, right?

I did pretty well on the final exam, although nerd that I am, I would have liked to have done a little better. But I scored high enough to move up a level and that was what I wanted, so I’m going to let go of my inner perfectionist and call it good.

And oh, am I going to enjoy waking up tomorrow without the prospect of three-and-a-half hours of language lessons hanging over my head.

Bonus image, because it always makes me laugh.

Bonus semi-related image, because it always makes me laugh.


One thought on “oh, the Germanity

  1. Becca says:

    I love the ecard. I’ve seen a few memes on FB where the little comic guy is telling someone he loves them in all these different languages, then he gets to German and his face basically starts exploding.

    Yet despite all this, I still can’t quite shake the hankering to learn German someday… Talk me out of it?

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