I’ll be Bach

On Friday, I went to the Good Friday service at the Reinoldikirche, mostly because they have their own Bach choir. I figured good music would make up for the parts of the sermon I couldn’t understand, and it did. Then, after lunch (and a dismayed look outside at the snow that was beginning to fall), I did some chores before heading over to the planetarium in Bochum. They do a Musik Matinee once a month, in which they feature music and a spectacular star show. For Good Friday, they were doing (parts of) the Matthäus Passion. And while it couldn’t beat an actual live performance, it was still pretty great to listen to the music, lie back in my chair, and watch the stars move above my head.

At least, until someone across the aisle fell asleep and starting snoring. And then, when woken up, starting talking to his friend, just loud enough to disturb those sitting around him. Luckily they decided about halfway through that it wasn’t really their thing and left.

I know, so random, but I giggle when I see it anyway.

I know, so random, but I giggle when I see it anyway.

In other news, my mom and sister are coming to Dortmund for Easter weekend. And as if that wasn’t good enough, my mom has loaded up the car with everything we might need this weekend and then some, meaning I do not have to think about groceries at all.

Which is probably a good idea because my apartment is no where near the standards I like my mom to think I adhere to and I think I need to spend most of the time till they get here cleaning. Although I doubt I’m fooling her. I remember when I was little, my mom has this rule that we had to keep our rooms clean enough to walk from the bed to the door. So I literally made a path for her–and on more than one occasion, I may have cleared little islands of carpet so you could jump from one to the other and technically make it to the bed. In many ways, I haven’t changed…although I like to pretend I’m an actual functioning adult these days. Fake it till you make it, or something.


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