I can not imagine doing this first thing in the morning

If you read workout/weight loss blogs for any amount of time, you’ll come across the idea that cardio isn’t the entire answer and you should incorporate some kind of strength training and/or bodyweight exercises into your routine. Well, I now understand why.

This morning, I wanted to go running but could feel the slightest twinge of shin splints–again–so I decided to do a Pinterest-pinned morning workout. (I reject most of the workouts on Pinterest because I’m on the fifth floor and while my downstairs neighbor is hard of hearing, I doubt he’s deaf enough to not mind me jumping around.) It’s a simple workout: seven exercises, do the whole thing three times.

I died. It took more willpower than I knew I had to finish that last (modified!!) 45 second plank, and the wall sit was pure torture, and I started to hate crunches more than I ever have before. Also, I don’t have the upper-body strength for push ups. I am, however, a fan of tricep dips, squats, and lunges (which probably means I’m not doing them right). But seeing how my arms were still trembling after I got out of the shower, I guess it was a success.

Also? The push ups got me all close and personal with my floor, and I realized I really, really need to vacuum today. Who knows, doing these kinds of workouts regularly might even make me a better housekeeper.

(Probably not.)


One thought on “I can not imagine doing this first thing in the morning

  1. Becca says:

    Ha! I totally get the whole “This exercise doesn’t hurt!!… I’m probably not doing it right,” thing. 🙂

    I’ve also never been able to do real push-ups either.

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