go left, I mean west

So, do you know that Big Bang Theory episode in which Leonard and Priya hook up and Leonard has to smuggle Priya past Sheldon into his room, and Sheldon is playing a text based adventure game?

No? You haven’t seen the episodes so often you can retell every plot? Must be me then.

Anyway, ever since Sheldon played that game, I’ve wanted to try one. I’ve been playing The Mansion off and on for a few days, in which you’re locked into a house and have to solve a murder by picking up clues. Basically, you do this by typing in commands (go east, pick up _, examine _, use _), which suits me just fine because I do not have nerves of steel and always manage to get rattled by speed and reaction based adventure games. This is more my pace.

Except I keep getting lost. I can manage the ground floor of the house just fine, because I found a map (and made a screenshot so I won’t have to pull it up every two seconds), but once I get to the second floor–and the essential clues contained there–I’m flying blind. Usually, I end up triggering the security shutters in a particular room, getting locked in, and quitting in frustration.

So this is all to say that I think these kind of games should feature a setting for the directionally challenged like me. I’ve gotten used to writing painstaking directions to any new place (go left after the big white house, turn right when you reach the church, if you see the bus stop you’ve gone too far) and getting lost anyway. But it seems unfortunate that it extends to online life as well..


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