Mother’s Day (I know, I know, so last week)

This year, for Mother’s Day, we all came to Haren for a family dinner. Including my dad. Fellow kids of divorced/separated/it’s complicated parents will understand how odd it was to Skype with my dad on Sunday morning and have them both talk back to me–not only talk back to me, but make jokes at my expense, together.

Before dinner, we took some photos in the yard, to commemorate this rare occasion of us all being in the same house at the same time. Dad served the very important role of Family Photographer here.

A., E., and I

A., E., and I


and add one mother to the mix

All that’s missing here is the family cat. Oh no, wait, here she is.


Although she seems a little less happy than all of us about this picture taking. I wonder why.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (I know, I know, so last week)

  1. heidikins says:

    Love these family photos, we haven’t had one taken in…..8 years I think? Something like that anyway. This makes me think it’s definitely time for that.


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