current thoughts on romance

I think I need to ban all kind of romantic books, movies, and tv shows from my apartment on lonely-ish Sunday nights. A while ago, I watched Easy A (at least, I think it’s called that, the German cover said “einfach zu hAben” and I’m too lazy to click over to Google right now). My heart broke half way through for poor Olive (don’t judge me, I’m sensitive) and even though I’m not particularly enamored with eighties movies and lawnmowers, the happy ending did not make me feel better about being single again. Hence the blanket ban.

It does not help that I once again hate online dating. I met a guy, he seemed nice, we emailed back and forth, and even made plans to go out. Then I got cancelled on. Or at least, that’s what I assume, since we had set a date and I just stopped hearing from him. I have now decided to give myself permission to not even think about dating until I get to Salt Lake City (and I hope that city contains some assertive men, since I am terrible at this interacting with people thing). We’ll see what the universe has in store for me there (probably nothing).

But, on the upside, I just read Kissing Shakespeare, which must have the most ridiculous plot ever (a 21st century girl is kidnapped by a 16th century boy to go seduce Shakespeare and thus stop him from joining the priesthood so he’ll keep on writing his plays, because what would we do without Hamlet and the ability to say “To do or not to do, that is the question” at any (in)appropriate moment?). I think I need to compile a pile of ridiculous romantic stories, so that whenever I start feeling cynical, I can read them and at least feel better than the girl who was told she should lose her virginity to William Shakespeare to save the world.


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