over the river and through the woods…

E. and I with grandma

E. and I with our grandmother

…to grandmother’s house we go. (By train, as always.)

Visits to grandma always include
– endless card games, which omi usually loses. Luckily I am not very good at these games, so at least she gets to beat me. Beating my dad is the holy grail of these visits and not likely to happen very soon, especially since Omi likes her card games with a glass of wine (or two).
– me repeating myself a lot, since Omi’s slightly deaf and I talk too fast and she says I don’t enunciate, which is probably true.
– family pictures, since every flat surface in the living room is filled with picture frames and these must be updated regularly.


Dad offered to drive me to Dortmund on the way back. Seeing as I got to take my grandmother’s Charles Dickens collection home, that was very nice of him, since it would have been less-than-fun baggage to haul on and off public transportation. The books are yellowing, feature the original illustrations, and even though I really don’t have space for them here in my apartment, I really love that I got to take them home with me.


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