Things I ate that you might want to eat too

poached eggs with cheese and chickpeas (Everyday Reading)
This is a really good, simple and cheap meal to make. I usually make it for myself, as it’s perfect to eat with some flatbread while you’re studying or reading or watching tv (as if I ever take my meals any other way) but I made it for a friend the other day and she liked it, so it’s also fit for company, apparently. It makes its way onto my grocery list as “tomatoes and chickpeas,” but Janssen’s name for it is definitely better.

Caprese flatbread (from US Masala)
I can’t link to the site at the moment for some reason, but the Pinterest image should be self-explanatory. Basically, it’s a pizza on flatbread, and after I made it, I wondered why I’d never thought of doing that.

Grilled lime coconut chicken with coconut rice (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)
I cook vegetarian more times than not, but this recipe captivated me and I made it when a friend came over. It was really, really good. The rice is good, the sauce is good, the chicken is good. I’m definitely a fan.

strawberry goat’s cheese bruschetta (Shutterbean)
My sister requested this for her post-graduation party. They’re similar to the blackberry prosciutto toasts I first saw on Heidikin’s blog (recipe here) and they were a big hit.


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