my week in photos (and a little text)

On Thursday, my mom and my friend M. accompanied me to the award ceremony of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the foundation that awarded me my latest scholarship. (Which means I can finish my PhD without money worries, something I’m still getting used to but that feels pretty great!)


On Friday, E. joined us in Leiden and we went out for coffee.

The sun, a crossword, and a dinosaur.

The sun, a crossword, and a dinosaur. It was a good afternoon.

Then we met A. and her boyfriend, F., for dinner at an Indonesian restaurant and a walk through Leiden afterward.


Us playing pilgrims.

Us identifying with the pilgrims.

The next morning, I helped E. pack (but not really).

Dino's ready to go, too.

Dino’s ready to go, too.

Then we went to the airport to see E. off on her grand adventure to Maryland (by way of Hawaii, where she will be doing her field work. There are worse places to work). I cried when she went through security, and can’t wait until Thanksgiving, when I’ll see her again. But I’m really proud of her taking this step (and I’ve promised to consider finding employment on the East Coast when I’m done here in Germany).

I then took my mom home and spent the night with her in Haren, before going on to see my friend J. in Deventer on my way back to Dortmund. And then I decided to stay home for three weeks. (Mostly because I’m moving in three weeks and should start thinking about packing.)


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