Industrial Heritage Day

On Saturday, I joined B. and two of his friends (J. and A., whom I like very much) in Oberhausen, to visit the Christo Big Air Package exhibition. The exhibition was set up that you first toured pictures of his other artworks and got a feel for what he did before going into the installation itself. The website says it much better than I could:

The “Big Air Package” nearly spans the distance from wall to wall of the Gasomter, leaving only a small passage to walk around the sculpture. Two air fans creating a constant pressure of 27 pascal (0.27 millibar) keep the package upright. Airlocks allow visitors to enter the package. Illuminated through the skylights of the Gasometer and 60 additional projectors, the work of art creates a diffuse light throughout the interior. Inside the sculpture, an extraordinary experience of shape, space and light is provided.


the view from the ground


(Their pictures are also better.) They had provided bean bags, so you could lie on the ground and take in the sculpture that way, which was a nice touch. It was well done and I really enjoyed the visit.

Afterwards, we went to Duisburg to the Landschaftspark there. It’s basically an old ironworks that’s been transformed into a cultural experience. Apparently all kinds of events happen in the old buildings, there’s a diving center in the old gasometer, a couple of climb walls in the ore storage bunker, a high ropes course in the casting center, etc etc. Trees dot the landscape and there are all kinds of green spaces you can explore.



I had heard about this park but hadn’t been there yet. If I weren’t leaving Germany, I’d be sure to go back this summer! It was really cool.


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