things I learned from online dating

The (pre-emptive) Salt Lake City edition.
–I had forgotten about the flurry of attention you get when you’re the newest addition to an online dating site. Half of the messages are nice, half of them contain propositions that I’m sure are meant well, but not exactly what I’m looking for.

–I’m not outdoorsy, at least not in the SLC sense of the word. I’m looking forward to the camping trip I’m taking with my dad later this month (we’ll drive from California to Utah, by way of Yosemite, Arches, and Ashley National Forest) but I’ve concluded that unless you spend all your time hiking, snowboarding, climbing, and all your profile pictures feature you on a mountain, you apparently don’t deserve that word. (And I think you have to climb that mountain, you can’t just hike to the viewpoint, which is more my style.)

–Profiles with half naked pictures will immediately be skipped. As are profiles without text, or stating “ask me” under all the headlines. No, lazybones, it doesn’t work that way.

–OK Cupid puts a lot of stock in sexual compatibility, if the amount of questions you can answer with regards to your sexual preferences are any indication.

–Surprisingly, I’m not really attracted to artistic types. Less surprisingly, I’m also not really attracted to hardcore MBA types. Lawyers and doctors, though, are still in the game (although they don’t really seem to be into PhD students in the humanities with questionable earning potentials. Unfortunate).

–Due to the time difference, exchanging emails with a very nice match will lead to a major sleep deficit. The things you do for (potential) love.


6 thoughts on “things I learned from online dating

  1. Peter Stam says:

    At least you get attention. Try online dating as a guy—it’s expected of you to take the initiative. (It’s either that, or my profile is repugnant.)

    Anyway, I wish you good luck with online dating and finding a new true love!

  2. E. says:

    if it makes you feel better, I’m not even ‘outdoorsy’ in the SLC sense of the word. If you’re not part of some skiing, snowboarding, rockclimbing, mountainbiking, etc community, you don’t count. Just enjoying, you know, being outdoors or being active is not enough.
    Furthermore, not to be the long-distance relationship critic here, but are you SURE you want to get yourself into a multiple-continent-mess?

    • Saskia says:

      Yeah, I know, but that seems inevitable since I don’t know where I’ll go. And it’s likely I’ll always be travelling back and forth–I might as well have a true love on one of the continents! (Plus, let’s not be overly optimistic here.)

    • Peter Stam says:

      By the way, I think many of the questions asked on/by OKC are made up by people who visit the site (not by those who maintain the site), and it appears that many of them, indeed, put a lot of stock in sexual compatibility. Or simply in sex.

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