What I did on my summer vacation

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santa cruzMy second day in the States, we drove down to Santa Cruz to see Shakespeare in the glen. It’s a great outdoor theater and they let you bring a picnic. This year, we saw The Taming of the Shrew, and it was great. (We sat right in front of the guy holding the “no pictures” sign, so I didn’t dare sneak a picture of the theater itself.)


I’ve visited my dad during my winter breaks, so I haven’t been to a Giants game in two or three years. Giants fedoras and oversized t-shirts aren’t really my look, but being in a baseball stadium again was glorious. Plus, we won.

mammothMammoth Lake, one of our stops on the way to Utah.

archesArches and Canyonland, Utah. (I’ll spare you the picture of me overheated and exhausted after the climb to the Delicate Arch, pictured left.)


ashley2Ashley National Forest. Above you see the Flaming Gorge reservoir, below the Green River and the view from our campsite.

DSCN1061The view from Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City.

Not pictured: Camelot at the San Francisco Playhouse, King John at Cedar City’s Shakespeare Festival, countless bookstores and coffee places, and a lot of small town America I’d never really seen before. (Seriously, I have never felt as much like a city girl until I saw all these tiny places we drove through.)


5 thoughts on “What I did on my summer vacation

  1. Donna says:

    Ahhh, Southern Utah is amazing.

    I’ve seen a lot of those tiny little towns in the West– they really make you wonder what in the world people are doing out there.

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