on documenting victories

I tend to have a hard time seeing all the things I do well, preferring to focus instead on the myriad things I could and should do better. (My old therapist once classified me as a perfectionist. I hold that I’m too lazy to be a perfectionist, but conceded the point that I tend to set the bar very high for myself.) So, in an effort to be kind to myself (something else she taught me), I made two lists this week. One is titled “Victories,” the other, “Let’s Do This Better.” I doubt the “Better” list will change much from week to week, as it currently contains things like “stop procrastinating during working hours” and “go to bed earlier.” (The fact that I typed a first draft of this during working hours and am currently really tired speaks for itself, I think.)

My Victories list, though, is much nicer to look at. Some of the things on the list are:

  • I went to the gym on Tuesday even though I really, really didn’t want to when I woke up that morning.
  • I went to the office every day, thereby effectively cutting off any possibility of “working from home” (otherwise known as Netflix).
  • I skyped with various family members and friends. (Keeping in touch is not always my strong suit.)
  • When I felt lonely and upset, I called a friend. (That is surprisingly hard for me to do, I tend to go into hibernation mode and cut myself off from contact when I’m feeling mentally off-balance.)

And, for the pièce de résistance:

  • I scheduled three new social situations for this week (a cooking class at church, a small group at a different church, and a date). Not bad for an introvert like me. (Although I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have last night off. I burrowed down in my room with my laptop and a bunch of new books.)

What did you do well this week?


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