–I think that should totally be a word.

–I went back to work yesterday, and although I’m not totally over my concussion, I’m feeling a lot better. As long as I don’t try to walk uphill too much; that still makes me dizzy. (I even took the elevator at the library today. I felt so lazy, but then I reminded myself that my American passport entitles me to all the elevators I want.)

–I managed to discard a mediocre paper idea for a good one today, and wrote a decent first draft of the proposal. I even took out all the tentative language I’m prone to–no more “this paper attempts/tries/plans to” for me! Fake it till you make it, or something.

–on the dating front: C. and I indulged in an awesome Lord of the Rings marathon, including Papa Johns pizza and the extended versions of all the movies. Unfortunately he’s decided he’s not romantically interested in me, so it’s back to OKCupid for me. I’m disappointed, but not devastated. (My ego was soothed by him stressing he had a really good time hanging out with me but just wasn’t feeling it.) I kind of knew this was coming, so I had kept my options open, and have a second date planned with a material sciences grad student on Halloween: a not-too-scary movie, take-out, and candy. (And no, I’m not dressing up. I’m wearing candy corn earrings as my only concession to the holiday.) Most refreshing, he’s a hard sciences type that doesn’t look down on humanities research. (Seriously, you’d be amazed at how rare that is.)

–also on the dating front: what are you supposed to do when you come across someone’s profile that you actually know in real life? I have no problem inspecting every detail of a potential match’s profile, but when OKCupid sent me the profile of a guy I know from house church, I felt really awkward and voyeuristic. (I’m half relieved and half insulted that he hasn’t clicked over to my profile, by the way. What’s up with that?)

–Tomorrow is my first day volunteering with the Natural History Museum. I’m one of the new classroom assistants there: I don’t have to actually prepare and teach the lessons but I do get to run around helping the kids with their assignments and just generally have fun. Should be good.


5 thoughts on “tidbit-ing

  1. Peter Stam says:

    This may sound judgmenatl, but that’s not my intention. (It’s just something I find interesting in the dating arena.) If you’re so eager to get back on OKC and indeed have another date, it sounds like you weren’t feeling it as well.

    So, did you tell him, or were you waiting for something?

    • Saskia says:

      I get why you’d think that, but no. He told me shortly after the camping trip that he probably wanted to keep it casual, as he was only in the area for an assignment. I had already fallen for him, and going back to OKC was a kind of protecting myself and a reminder that while this guy was great, he wasn’t the only great guy out there. We agreed to keep dating and see what happened, but we both knew how the other felt.

      Besides, I date here partly to keep hope alive that I will meet someone who can keep up with me, partly because I’m still in the process of making friends and dating allows me to have some semblance of a social life. I’d never date like this back home, if only because dating culture is different there.

      • Peter Stam says:

        Alright, that makes sense. You did sound like you really liked him. I was surprised to see you move on so quickly, I guess. Good luck with dating—even if it’s only the semblance of social life.

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