On Friday, I picked up T. from the airport. She and I go way back: we met in sixth grade, went to the same high school, and stayed in touch through college. And despite the fact that our moms live within ten minutes driving distance of each other, we never meet at home, but rather at airports, in Houston, San Francisco, and now here in Salt Lake.

Anyway, I mentioned that I was thinking of getting a bike, and what do you know, twenty-four hours later, I had one. Apparently I’m going to be biking to work now.


on our way back from testing and buying the bike.

We spent the rest of her time here visiting with her friends (T. spent a year or so here, years ago), eating Cheerios and Halloween candy, and walking all over downtown Salt Lake City. We also talked a lot about the joys and heartbreaks of being so uprooted all the time, and how nice it is going to be to hopefully one day live somewhere for more than a year, and how neither of us had any idea of what we were getting into when we decided to go get that PhD. (Or MD/PhD, in her case, definitely not in mine. Plain old PhD for me.)

tThis is us on our way to the Trax on Tuesday morning, where we discussed the possibility of us perhaps both actually living in the Netherlands next year. Exciting stuff. (Please excuse my tiny eyes, it was a bit bright out.) Anyway, great fun was had by all and I loved having her come visit. Who wants to be next?


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