best purchase ever

If I had known how happy biking would make me, I would have bought a bike the second I got to SLC. Seriously. My three favorite things of this city now include my library card, my office, and my bike.

It reminds me of when we first moved to the Netherlands: the only upside I remember to no longer living in the States was that I no longer needed an adult to take me to the library, but I could hop on my bike and just go there myself. (For a look at what a slightly more optimistic and certainly better adjusted me had to say about biking, go here.)

I’m doing just fine without a car here, but oh my, did I enjoy not waiting for public transportation on Saturday on my way to the mall. I am kind of thankful for the many bike paths in downtown Salt Lake though, as I’m not quite sure yet of the proper American procedure for navigating traffic. Which is one of the reasons I’m wearing a helmet. The other is how accident prone I am, even on a good day, as my recent concussion once again illustrated. (Sigh.)

Anyway, thanks, T., for making me buy a bike. I’ll be on that thing right up until it really starts to snow. Then I’ll have to go back to honing my patiently waiting for public transportation skills. (They’re already quite excellent, you’ll be happy to know.)


2 thoughts on “best purchase ever

  1. T. says:

    I always feel exactly the same. Your home is where the bike is. Such a pity that the majority here doesn’t want to understand. Enjoy! (and please be safe)

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