now I know how much a ct scan costs (falling, part three)

On Thursday, I thought I’d go try out the American health care system, in the guise of Instacare. (Urgent care for less urgent stuff.) I had been dizzy all week, with blurry vision thrown in, and so much fatigue. I almost fainted on Monday (while I was volunteering) and Thursday (during my American Religions class). I’m not sure what would have been more fun: hitting the floor in front of thirty fourth-graders or seventy undergrads. Luckily, I was spared both, but I did decide to seek out health care instead of waiting for it all to magically get better (my preferred strategy).

A fun side effect of whatever it is that is happening in my brain is that I’m having trouble processing information. So whenever anyone asked me anything, not only would there be a time lag and would I be slow to respond, I’d also have to concentrate really hard to respond in the right language. It makes answering questions about my medical history a lot more interesting, I can tell you.

Anyway, they gave me a CT scan, which turned out normal. (I felt just like my mom, having my brain scanned. Except it was a CT scan and not an MRI and it was over in a couple of minutes and it was not to determine whether I needed surgery again. So not really like my mom, after all.) I also do not have mono, which is really good news, or anything wrong with my thyroid. I think they tested for other stuff but I can’t remember (see trouble processing information, above).

When I left, they told me to make a follow-up appointment with internal medicine. Which I did, only to hear that the earliest I can be seen is December 10th. So it looks like I’m just going to hope it magically gets better, after all. (Does this totally reinforce my idea that I shouldn’t go see a doctor until I’m at death’s door? Yes, yes it does.)


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