on nativity scenes

I’ve wanted a nativity scene for years. I’ve put off buying one, though, mostly because I’m never home for Christmas but usually at my mom’s or my dad’s for the three-day Christmas stretch (or, ahem, partnered with someone who does not see the merit in Christmas decorations). I saw these the other day and instantly fell in love.



both images via 22 Words

And then I saw this post over at Rachel Held Evan’s blog, talking about the difficulty of finding a “fair-trade, biblically-accurate, ethnically-realistic, reasonably-priced, child-safe” nativity scene. And while obviously RHE is spoofing this a little bit, it’s actually one of the reasons I liked the minimalistic sets so much–no dominant representation of what the Holy Family looked like, and when it comes to the colored blocks one, not even labels marking those as present. If only because, in our family, it would make perfect sense for a dinosaur to be there, too.


4 thoughts on “on nativity scenes

  1. Feisty Harriet says:

    I really like both of those. My Mom collects nativity sets (she has over 20 I’d guess) and I never liked how busy they seemed, especially when you have 4 or 5 crammed onto a single shelf. I have a very simple one, it’s just hand carved shapes without any real features (they almost have defined hands, but that’s it). Mary, Joseph, Baby, 2 Hippos. It is probably necessary to mention here that this set was carved in Africa. 🙂


    • Saskia says:

      The colored ones don’t have the animals, but if we made it ourselves, I’d make a short, stocky green block to represent the dinosaur. I like the idea of animals at the birth, myself, so I’d like to include them anyway.

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