Saturday adventures

On Saturday, my friend Z. and I had quite the European day. We started off with a screening of Frankenstein, put on by British theater company National Theater Live, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein. I’m not quite claiming Cumberbitch status, but you probably know my love for the BBC Sherlock series, and I’ll admit that his presence on stage was a major reason to go see the play. It was an intense production, but definitely worth it.

After Frankenstein, Z. suggested we go to a Dutch store located here in Salt Lake. I was a little skeptical (how Dutch could it be?) but it really made my day. I kept exclaiming over products, explaining to Z. what everything was and how to pronounce stuff, and we even bought bitterballen and mustard to snack on as we browsed. I came home with ontbijtkoek, kroepoek and bami mix, topdrop, cheese, and the resolve to go there more often.


Koopmans! And Albert Heijn!

Koopmans! And De Ruijter! One aisle over, they had Albert Heijn paprika chips.

and conimex.

and conimex. Excuse the blurry photo, I think I was excited.

this was followed by a trip to the Belgian waffle place, where, to my amazement, they had a frikandel speciaal on the menu. So we ordered that, with a chocolate waffle as dessert. It was the oddest thing ever to be eating a frikandel in Salt Lake City, but fit right in with the European theme of the day, so I just rolled with it. I hardly ever eat bitterballen or frikandellen in my Dutch life, but I’m thinking I should do it here more often..


4 thoughts on “Saturday adventures

    • Saskia says:

      Megan told me Bean in the Ender’s Shadow book was Dutch, so I’ll have to go back to the store and pick up something very Dutch to bring to the bookclub meeting. Maybe some bitterballen–our liquorice, though delightful, is an acquired taste..

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