maybe my subconscious thinks my life is boring?

Every once in a while I have these really vivid dreams, almost hallucinations, I’d call them. I’ll wake up panicked and paralyzed with fear, sure there’s someone sitting on my bed, looking at me (and, if I’ve watched Criminal Minds before bed, intent on murdering me in a particularly horrific fashion). When the paralysis lifts, I leap out of bed and flee to safety on the other side of the room before fully waking up, turning on a light, seeing there’s no one there, and then, heart pounding, go back to bed. It’s a lot of fun, obviously.

I’ve had them as long as I can remember, and they’re one of the reasons I like sleeping on the side of the bed near the door: it’s scary enough to feel like there’s someone in the room, but if I have to climb over someone to get to safety? That’s it, all hope is gone, now we’re both going to die. Goodbye, cruel world! (I’m both not very nuanced and incredibly melodramatic in the middle of the night.)

I always thought this was kind of normal until I mentioned it to some people and was gently told that most people don’t experience this. Oh. Well, adding it to my lists of quirks. It’s quite a long list by now.


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