things I ate that you might want to eat too

Smitten Kitchen’s warm lentil and potato salad: the dressing is really good. I had it with a boiled egg on top for lunch one day, and I bet the suggested sausage or roast or chops would be really nice too. I skipped the capers, as I’m not really a capers fan, and I just got basic lentils from Smith’s, though you’re certainly free to go the more discerning route. I also forgot the scallions; make of that what you will.

Perry’s Plate’s sweet potato foil packet tacos: I skip the beef, add more spinach, and usually do black beans. I also don’t call them tacos, but sweet potato packages. And since I’m not doing the paleo thing, I sometimes add a tortilla. I get my taco seasoning recipe from here.

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe’s skillet butternut squash, sausage and penne pasta: I am a big fan of squash, and this comes together very easily. Note to self: next time, try saving your appetite for the dish itself, instead of snacking on the sausage while you wait.

Closet Cooking’s brussels sprout and mushroom hash: this is a basic hash, and meant for breakfast, but I had it for dinner twice this week. Anything that features runny egg yolk and toast is a good idea in my book.

As an aside, when I went home for my grandfather’s cremation, I brought back a couple books I needed, but also my set of kitchen knives. I have liked cooking so much more now that I have proper knives again. It’s funny: from all my stuff at home, I miss my books and my kitchen supplies the most. (Immersion blender and bake ware, how I miss thee..) Next time I move somewhere overseas, I might have to drastically rethink my approach of what to bring.


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