Josie the Dog

L. has two pets: Josie the Dog and Mara the Cat. I am not a cat person, and I’m even less a dog person. I’m allergic to both, and, although these particular two are kind of growing on me, I frankly don’t really see the use of pets. (My apologies to any animal-loving readers I might have–I can almost hear the cries of outrage over here.)

Anyway, it took Josie a really long time to understand that I too can open the back door for her to go run around in the backyard. I tried so many times to get her to come with me, but she’d make it as far as the kitchen and then just go back to wherever L. was, waiting for him to go with her. A couple weeks ago, though, I had grabbed one of L.’s hoodies, because I was cold, and she willingly went all the way to the back door with me. It felt like a major victory, which is a little sad and more than a little telling about the kind of day I’d had.

Josie the Dog

Josie, years ago. She’s older now, but the eyes are the same.

We’ve come to a bit of an understanding since then. L. still has to be the one to let Josie out in the morning (she’ll wait in front of whatever door he’s behind till he comes out), but sometimes she’ll come with me if I say “outside!” loud enough. And the other day, when I was sick, she came right up and put her head in my lap. L. says that’s what dogs do when they sense you’re not feeling well, and I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it was certainly adorable and I petted her for her trouble despite my allergies. I can’t quite get her to listen to me when I want her off the couch, and I came home to dog vomit on the carpet this afternoon, but hey, baby steps to dog appreciation here.


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