Cal confusion

The other day I was wearing my Nike Cal shirt at the gym. I noticed a guy kept looking at me, but since I had just been intimidated out of the circuit room by a bunch of dude bros, I just kind of ignored it. Later I was waiting in the lobby, and the same man came up to me and started talking, saying he’d done his undergrad at Berkeley and had I gone there too?


Him: So did you go to Berkeley?
Me: Yeah, for a semester. I did my study abroad there.
Him: Huh? Well, I guess Berkeley qualifies as a foreign country…
Me: What?
Him: …
Me: Oh, no, I’m Dutch. It was an actual study abroad…
Him: Oh. Oh!

He was right about one thing, though–Utah and Berkeley could not be more different. Even if the phrase “only in _” applies to both.


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