let your geek flag fly

I found myself showcasing my inner nerd yesterday, when I left the house wearing my Wrinkle in Time t-shirt, toting my Strand book bag, holding my dissertation notes, to go discuss Mormon history over lunch with a friend, C.

PicMonkey Collage

I only have the one Out of Print shirt, but I do have three Strand totes, one for every time I’ve been there. Visits to the Strand book store deserve commemoration.

But whatever. Like Pinterest tells me,



2 thoughts on “let your geek flag fly

  1. Feisty Harriet says:

    I was in a meeting last week and our ad agency was talking about a lot of complicated coding and internet branding stuff and after our account rep got a little lost in explaining the in’s and out’s she simply said “we have nerds for that stuff.”

    I had to chomp on my lip to prevent laughing. Yes, yes we do. And we nerds are awesome. 🙂


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