two lists

In random order, I present: things I will miss when I leave Utah

  1. L.
  2. the library
  3. the amazing friends I’ve made here
  4. Mara the cat napping under my desk while I work and Josie the dog begging for a walk
  5. the current weather (I don’t know what’s going on, but a December that’s not actually cold? I’d like some more of that)
  6. the social acceptability of wearing yoga pants almost everywhere
  7. the mountains
  8. Hulu
  9. L. (so much)

but also in random order, things I am looking forward to at home:

  1. seeing my family
  2. not having student emails to answer
  3. basic bike safety (proper bike paths! and lighted streets!)
  4. seeing my amazing friends back home who stuck with me through almost 1,5 years of skyping, emailing, and texting
  5. the boxes and boxes of books I had to leave behind
  6. speaking Dutch and eating Dutch food
  7. not being the crazy radical liberal in the room
  8. Christmas with A., F., and my mom.

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