gold stars

Janssen  at Everyday Reading had a post up about recognizing your strengths as well as your flaws (in the context of making New Year’s resolutions). And since I spend a lot of time worrying about becoming better, and not enough time at seeing what I’m actually good at, I thought I’d emulate that. So here is my list of things I am good at:

–keeping a curious mind. I will read anything, from scholary tomes and heavy non-fiction books to cozy mysteries and fluffy YA. I have a bunch of documentaries bookmarked on Netflix, and about ten podcasts I listen to regularly. I am always looking for a new story to follow and ponder.

–asking questions. There is a lot I don’t know, especially when it comes to science. I have no problem asking questions when I’m interested in a subject, whether it’s about traffic patterns, finance, or human anatomy.

–having empathy.

–making meal plans. One quick look at Pinterest, a glance in the pantry, and the meal plan for next week is done.

–making lists. I like to plan out every eventuality, just in case. You should see the lists I’m currently writing, on how to find gainful employment after I finish my PhD. I’m not supposed to be writing them, since I have to actually finish the dissertation first, but whatever. I am then also good at ignoring these lists because life never turns out how you imagine it will, anyway.

–teaching. I’m sure there are ways in which I could improve my teaching, but on a basic level, I am good at meeting students where they are and providing a comfortable academic environment.


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