things that are saving my life right now

I’m stuck in the throes of dissertation writing, and it’s about as fun as it sounds. These are the things I rely on to keep me sane:

1. The SelfControl app on my computer. I have the willpower of a fish, but it’s just about enough to set the app that blocks Facebook, Pinterest, Feedly, and (because I like to stress out about my future even though it’s completely counter-productive). (Now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably add some more sites to that list.)

2. Josie the Dog, because she requires frequent walks and that gives me a justified break, and one I probably wouldn’t take otherwise.

3. Sending progress reports to my friend R. She’s at the same stage that I am, and we keep each other updated on our progress. Not only do I get to feel good about what I’ve accomplished that day, there’s a little voice in my head that says, “No, you can’t watch Netflix! You have to have something to report to R. later. Go work!”

4. The library, because it provides me with books that are not dissertation-related yet keep my intellectual curiosity alive.

5. Friends who make me get out of the house and do fun things. Last week, I attended a Favorite Things party. Next week, there’s book club.

6. L., because he lets me complain all I want and puts up with my moods when the stress hits, and happily putters around in the kitchen when I don’t want to cook. (And luckily owns two hundred t-shirts (I’m actually not exaggerating) so that I can ignore laundry all I want.)

And most of all:

7. The knowledge that this will pass and I will move on to a rewarding job, fingers crossed. No matter what happens, I will never have to write this dissertation again.


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