so, this happened


L. asked me to marry him on a Saturday in the pouring rain. It wasn’t a surprise–we’ve been talking about it for a while, and even picked out rings beforehand–but L. made it perfect anyway. He proposed in the same spot he kissed me for the very first time, and it was sweet, and simple, and followed by Ikea-as-usual intertwined with goofy romance (and a cinnamon roll, because surely being newly-engaged warrants a cinnamon roll).

My rings are beautiful, and not at all like I was expecting I would want. We went to a jewelry store to see what the options were, and although I thought I would be coming home with something super small and simple, the look on my face when I tried these on convinced L. that these were the ones I was supposed to have. Diamonds, y’all. Who ever thought I would have diamonds? And L. has a ring too (because why should I be the only one who gets one?), and I smile every time I see it on him.

I’m a little overwhelmed with this idea of planning a wedding–turns out that even super simple and low-key weddings still require a lot of planning, who knew?–but I feel happy every day when I put on my rings and think about what they stand for. Not the start of a life together–we already have that–but the continuation, and hope for even better things to come.

S&L, coming to you legally bound in May 2016.


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