my dissertation process, in ten steps

1. enthuasiastic, willy-nilly start on chapter
2. realization that damn it, I should have written an outline like all the writing experts tell you to
3. struggle with said outline for way too long
4. complain a lot about the chapter and how terrible it is. Throw outline away and write a new one (repeat steps 3&4 at least three times)
5. re-start writing, now with 80% less enthusiasm
6. feel like it’s never going to be done
7. keep slogging until I suddenly realize I have a first draft and the end is in sight (hallelujah!)
8. cut out half my footnotes (sob!)
9. turn it in to my advisor, ignore nagging fear that it’s mediocre work
10. start new chapter with step 1.

I turned in four chapters to my advisor yesterday, and am now facing the final one. (Chapter three, on diversity in Meet the Mormons and “I’m a Mormon” ads.) Wish me luck.


(alternative images for this post can be found here, here, and here.)
(good advice on dissertation writing can be found here and here.)


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