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via. Josie listens with me, but isn't nearly as engaged as this bulldog.

via. Josie listens with me, but isn’t nearly as engaged as this bulldog. I’m pretty sure Mara sleeps though it all.

I listen to a lot of podcasts: while cleaning, or cooking, or walking the dog, or just while getting ready in the morning. This week’s highlights:

On KUER Radiowest:

Bad Faith. Dr. Paul Offit talks about the relationship between faith and medicine in America, delving into legal issues, but also theological ones (arguing that neglecting to get your child medical help is actually anti-Christian, not just unethical).

The Mormon Struggle for Whiteness. I took a class from Dr. Paul Reeve at the University of Utah and it was highly enjoyable experience. This serves as an introduction to his new book and comes highly recommended for anyone interested in Mormonism and/or American racial norms.

On This American Life:

Game Face. The whole episode was interesting, but especially act four on chronic blushing. I don’t blush as much anymore (teaching beat that out of me, frankly), but ask me a personal question in a group of people and all bets are off.

I also have such an overload of empathy that watching TV is an ordeal: when something embarrassing happens to a character, I get an almost unbearable load of second-hand embarrassment. I’ve taken to watching TV with the remote close by, and can find the mute button with my eyes closed, or in a white-hot panic, as it may be. Luckily L. doesn’t mind watching with closed captioning, and some shows I just let him watch by himself because I’d have to mute 3/4s.

Other favorites include Planet Money, Backstory, Ask Me Another, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, and Stuffed You Missed in History Class.


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