Links I loved, vol. 3

Need a reason to go to Tokyo? Here’s two: a bookstore-themed hotel and a stuffed animal cafe.

Think twice before you ask me where I’m from, or why I hate this question, even though you mean it so well.

Why the History Channel programs so many blue-collar survival shows, and what it says about America.

For all you library nerds out there: the editors of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books share their library memories.

What highbrow scholars read on the beach.

For all my Mormon readers: a 1978 take on the pioneer story by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Worth reading, I promise, and probably the only time I’ll tell you to go read the Ensign.

“Knees up like a unicorn!” It’s a Mattel commercial worth watching.

And two podcasts on Halloween: one from This American Life (spooky raccoons, parental jokes gone wrong, and more), one from Backstory (for those of us who like to intellectualize our holidays).

Have a great weekend!


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