call me ishmael

This is my third day being sick, so as I lie on the couch, recuperating with the Harry Potter books (in reverse order, because they’re more fun that way), I thought I’d leave you with this video.

I got the link from a friend in the American Studies department here (she does a lot of work on Moby Dick). I might have to declare it the most epic video of 2012. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Honoring my inner geek

The most organized blogger I know, RA (from Definitely RA), did a post on Christmas gifts for geeks. I have a few geeks I’m shopping for so I was very pleased with her list. Especially when I clicked through to one of the sites she recommended and saw this.

Here’s a close-up of the graphic:

I absolutely loved it, and I’m debating buying it for myself right now (see original here). But I might have to buy this one first.

Madeleine L’Engle is one of my favorite writers and I love the understated nerdiness of this t-shirt (or any one from Out of Print, a store for book nerds if there ever was one!). Plus, you can’t go wrong with blue.

the best kind of sexy

(Spotted on 22 Words, original is from The Whatever.)

miami slice

B. and I like to send each other fun links. And after I sent him this, he sent me this (via Pinterest). We’re about three episodes into Dexter right now and loving it (even if I do have to look away whenever the blood starts to flow).

Awesome, right? (I mean, as awesome as ice cream can be that’s modelled on a show that glorifies a serial killer.) It even contains chocolate body parts.

hearting bacon, or not

B. and I are definitely not one of those couples that never fight. The other day, we both had our laptops open and were arguing over something trivial at the kitchen table, and near the end, wanting to make up, I sent him this picture.


If only all our fights would end on such a light note!


For all of you that made New Years resolutions to work out more, here’s a handy dandy flowchart to figure out what to do when you meet something you (vaguely) know in the gym. I always hate that, since I’ll be bright red, dressed in highly practical but kind of unflattering gym clothes and covered in sweat. The person in question will invariably look good in her gym clothes, be running harder than me but not even out of breath, and then will proceed to ask me what I’m doing these days, didn’t I graduate this summer? and I’ll be forced to answer that I still don’t have a job. (No, I’m not frustrated about my first six months post-graduation at all.) Anyway, if you follow the chart, you can avoid those awkward conversations in future. You’re welcome.

By the way, this is not to say that if you ever come across me in the gym, you can’t talk to me. You can, as long as you look exhausted, like working out is supposed to make you look. Then I will be glad of your company. Toss in mentions of a post-workout snack (preferably chocolate, but shared so not to totally negate the exercise that was just had) and I will be your friend for life. Just so you know.