oh, Moffat

Saturday night, I was watching Sherlock. And while this

works as well for watching Sherlock as it does for the on average six books I’m reading at any given time, I had not quite expected the intensity of emotions that were about to come my way. I was casually lounging on my bed for the first episode, hugging my pillow for the second (ZE FEELINGS!) and relegated to gripping my poor teddy bear for the third, trying to find comfort as THINGS HAPPENED and I was left with so much to process. This Buzzfeed post is an accurate representation of my feelings on Saturday night. (Massive spoilers in the link, so be beware!)

Moral of the story? I am definitely not a high-functioning sociopath and should not be watching Sherlock by myself.


as much as I detested Twilight, hell yes.



Pinterest Challenge

Janssen, Merrick and Landen do something they call “Sisters Share it All” every other week, in which they all post about the same subject. This time, they’re doing a Pinterest challenge and inviting us to participate. So here it is: six things I want to accomplish in six weeks.

I tried really hard not to make it all about food (let’s face it: I use Pinterest to collect recipes I want to try, ogle at weddings I’d never want to host but that are pretty anyway, and geek out about my favorite shows).


1. Peanut butter nutella thumbprint cookies. I love cookies like these but haven’t made them in so long I’d quite forgotten I liked them.

2. Pea and Goat Cheese Tart. My mom makes a lot of quiches and tarts, but I seldom do. This seems like a good start.

3. Thai Turkey Meatballs. Thai food and meatballs? What’s not to like?

4. Some kind of five-year journal. I journal when the spirit strikes me, but jot notes to myself on my day all the time. I look forward to collecting them in one place.

5. Barre workouts make me feel graceful and strong at the same time (and unlike dance workouts, you don’t need a sense of rhythm). Ideally, I’d do this one at least once a week for six weeks, but we’ll see what happens.

6. How to fold a fitted sheet. I am neurotic and chaotic at the same time–not always a good combination. Learning how to properly fold fitted sheets can be a first step in my quest for an organized life. (Perhaps the only step, but whatever.)


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