Friday confessions

idea blatantly stolen from here.

Confession 1:

I don’t pay attention to music. Pandora is my friend because I only have to think of a single kind of music I like, and then it supplies me with a never-ending stream of noise that basically all sounds alike to me. There are definite exceptions, but I generally can’t tell you five minutes later what we listened to in the car on the way to work. Upside? There is very little music I really don’t like.

Confession 2:

I currently have almost $20 in library fees, because I for the life of me can’t remember to take books back on time now that I no longer pass the library on my way to work every day. Even if said taking books back only means giving them to L. so he can drop them in the drive-through book return on his way to work. I know.

Confession 3:

It takes me at least three tries to actually place my order when I shop online, and I am incapable of placing an order over thirty dollars without feeling anxious about spending money. Which is why I wear a lot of Old Navy. And also why I look forward to one day no longer being a grad student.

Confession 4:
At the same time, it terrifies me that I’m nearing the (relative) end of my PhD program and will have to compete with all those other brilliant job seekers out there. I read job ads and my first thought is always a paralyzing “No one’s going to hire me!” As much as I love academia, sometimes I think a different career would have been better for my mental health.

Confession 5:

I’m reading a book about the Nuremberg trials right now. Lest you think I always choose sophisticated and intelligent books, I made my way through this series first. While they are better than they sound, it is not by much. But hey, at least I’m reading, and keeping reality tv where it belongs: at the gym.


oh, Moffat

Saturday night, I was watching Sherlock. And while this

works as well for watching Sherlock as it does for the on average six books I’m reading at any given time, I had not quite expected the intensity of emotions that were about to come my way. I was casually lounging on my bed for the first episode, hugging my pillow for the second (ZE FEELINGS!) and relegated to gripping my poor teddy bear for the third, trying to find comfort as THINGS HAPPENED and I was left with so much to process. This Buzzfeed post is an accurate representation of my feelings on Saturday night. (Massive spoilers in the link, so be beware!)

Moral of the story? I am definitely not a high-functioning sociopath and should not be watching Sherlock by myself.

in which I clearly need to get a life.

–Someone stumbled onto my blog after searching for “eat sleep love study train”. Given the amount of times I talk about train travel, I can see how that happens.

–I had major jet lag after I came back from California, mostly due to that one extended nap I took on the day of arrival. I never really partied as a teenager or undergrad, so I was totally unprepared for the week of staying up till 2 AM and sleeping till 11:30 that followed. I’m back to a semi-normal sleep pattern now, thankfully.

–You can totally tell it’s the new year by my basket at the grocery store. I went from a size 16 to a 12 last year, but I’d like to get down to a 10, and that involves a lot of fruit, apparently. Especially since my New Year’s resolution of frequent running is thwarted by the snow we’re having right now. Oh well, at least I’ve got the healthy eating part of the equation down.

–My sister sent me this link, about the physics behind literature. Awesome.

–I finally watched the Christmas special of Downton Abbey and just sat there, thinking, “Holy Moses, what just happened?”. There I was, remembering season’s two finale, which was so romantic I almost cried, and then THAT happened. I had to watch last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory to cheer me up again.

–I’m reading Rachel Held Evan’s A Year of Biblical Womanhood right now, and am loving it. Expect a review forthwith.

–Speaking of reviews: I was planning to recap all the books I read in 2012, but didn’t manage to do them all before January 1, 2013. So expect that to happen before 2014, hopefully.

–I did not have a very exciting week, judging by this list.

See Gran Run*

I’ve discovered a new game on the iPad. It was sorely needed now that I’ve conquered all the free levels the various Angry Birds games have to offer. (I refuse to pay money for games, preferring, instead, to spend it on a New York Times crossword app subscription.) It’s called Angry Gran Run and it revolves around an angry gran (obviously) that busts out of a mental institution and runs through the streets, dodging doctors, road work, big flopping fish and even dinosaurs.

See? Dinosaurs.

It’s easy and fun and you can even “buy” Gran costumes with the coins you collect. Currently, my Gran is wearing a superhero costume. I like to think of her of a cross between Wonder Woman and the Flash. (And yes, my knowledge of comic books comes mostly from The Big Bang Theory. I’ve never been that kind of nerd.)

The app store tells me there are at least three versions, so I’m off to download them. You can’t get too much of a good thing, right?

* My other title was Run, Gran, Run! I’m not sure which is worse.

miami slice

B. and I like to send each other fun links. And after I sent him this, he sent me this (via Pinterest). We’re about three episodes into Dexter right now and loving it (even if I do have to look away whenever the blood starts to flow).

Awesome, right? (I mean, as awesome as ice cream can be that’s modelled on a show that glorifies a serial killer.) It even contains chocolate body parts.

the importance of crime shows

I always feel for those poor people in Criminal Minds or Bones or NCIS in the first scene, because they’re either about to find a body or be murdered themselves AND THEY DON’T KNOW IT YET.

Also, on a kind of unrelated note, when I was a kid, there was this one stretch of road where I’d always keep my eyes peeled because I was sure I was going to find a body in the bushes or the creek there some day. It wasn’t a particularly desolate place, but for some reason, I was sure it would be the place for any killers in our suburban-esque town to go.

Needless to say, I never did find a body. And then I transferred my over-active imagination to tv. That was probably a good call. It certainly makes for more pleasant thoughts on route.

downton abbey

I just watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special and I’m still sighing with the perfectness of it all. I danced my way into the kitchen just now, still humming with happiness. (B. thought I was reacting to his music, but sadly, his electro beats do not make my feet dance as much.)

I watch most of my series online these days and I only realized halfway through that this was the last episode till September. I sat up and paid attention after that, savoring every moment. Well, except the sad ones. (Poor Mr. Bates, poor Anna. I do hope they get to be happy in the next season.)

you tell can this show contains lots of drama by how serious they all look.

The ending was nearly perfect (twirling hugs! in the snow! So romantic). It’s going to be hard to go back to Chuck, at least till I get Mary and Matthew out of my head.