because today feels like a Monday morning

And a Monday morning can always use a funny video. (And penguins, those too.)


new-to-me video

This video has a story. My sister and I were visiting my dad, and we were all in the living room. I was reading, E. was watching the season’s finale of Grey’s Anatomy, and dad was fooling around on Youtube. (That man sure loves his random videos.) E. was engrossed in this really dramatic episode, pleading with characters not to do whatever they were going to do, when my dad came over to show me this video.

It caught me unaware and I laughed so hard I was in danger of falling off the couch. And I’m pretty sure I completely ruined E.’s episode. Sorry, sis.

call me ishmael

This is my third day being sick, so as I lie on the couch, recuperating with the Harry Potter books (in reverse order, because they’re more fun that way), I thought I’d leave you with this video.

I got the link from a friend in the American Studies department here (she does a lot of work on Moby Dick). I might have to declare it the most epic video of 2012. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

This, too, is awesome.

Of course, I have a soft spot for inanimate talking objects.

(via Rachel Held Evan’s Sunday Superlatives)

happy halloween!

For a slightly creepy, quirky Halloween:

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another hurdle cleared on the path to domestic bliss

Today I learned how to fold a fitted sheet. It’s part of my eternal quest to become, if not a Stepford Wife, then perhaps more domestically inclined than I currently am. And although I actually keep my closet half-way tidy, the bunched-up fitted sheets on the top shelf ruin the effect. I actually prefer keeping my spare pair in the hamper until I need to change my sheets because they’re out of sight that way.

But these kinds of avoidance strategies are to be done away with, and thus I googled “how to fold a fitted sheet”. This was the result.

I laughed out loud when I finished following the instructions and I had a neatly folded sheet in front of me. Domestic bliss, indeed. Although I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon and I’ll be back to wholeheartedly disliking the multitude of steps involved in changing sheets..

early morning sing-a-long

I heard this song this morning while I was getting dressed, and it put me in a good mood – a pretty remarkable feat since I woke up really early and am so not a morning person!

(The video is a bit cliché, but still fun. I just watched a few of her videos on YouTube, and she seems to really like showing off her legs! But so would I, if I had legs like those. Unfortunately, my Dutch genes prevailed on that point. Mine are more milkmaid than long-legged goddess…)

So tell me, which songs put you in a happy mood? Any favorite song for early mornings? I could use some suggestions, as I’m looking at a lot of early mornings now that I’ve graduated..